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Sunday Jul 05, 2020

Vino's commitment to active citizenship lies in her role as National Ambassador & Exec. Director of WSD SA; WSD Global Advisory Board Member & JCI (Tshwane) Ambassador.Through Digital Marketing Edge SA, she delivered conventional & digital marketing solutions to many not-for-profits and entrepreneurs. A Masters Graduate in Geography (Destination Marketing & Local Economic Development); Postgraduate Program in Marketing Management; Distinguished Toastmaster & Google Partner.

Tuesday Jun 23, 2020

Born in Mexico and having lived in America, Europe, and the Middle East and currently in Germany, Aydeli Rios has a B.A. International Relations and a master’s degree in Psycho-pedagogy. Aydeli is interested in women's empowerment and gender equality, managing the Guapalita Women Empowerment Community, she is a member of the pedagogical team for local government has a professional development consultancy. 

Saturday Jun 13, 2020

Saida Belouali has a PHD in humanities. She directs research in Applied Ethics and teaches at the National School of Applied Sciences of the Mohammed Premier University. She is interested in digital humanities. She is the President of the Moroccan Association of Innovation and the National Ambassador for WSD Morocco. 

Monday Jun 01, 2020

Nyimasata Camara is a Lecturer of Political Science and researcher at University of the Gambia. She is also a media personality with a platform for socio-political  debates and discussions on the Kerr Fatou Media. She is an active member of the Gambia civil society and offers resources on governance, youth and gender advocacy.

Friday May 22, 2020

Patricia is the Sponsor of Perissos Horizon - a brand that's passionate about supporting people through training, coaching & mentoring to achieve their God-given potentials. She is a 2-Time Distinguished Toastmaster, a 2-Time Area Director and the First Female Division Director for Ghana Toastmasters. She is a Communication and Leadership Coach and a 2-Time self-published author. Connect with her on LinkedIn:

Thursday May 21, 2020

An Ikebana master from India, Rekha Reddy is passionate about the art and spreading the love for nature and environmental awareness through it. She has a Master’s degree in Foods & Nutrition and freelances articles for magazines. Chairperson of Ficci Flo-organization for women entrepreneurs, President of the Ikebana International and Ohara chapters of Hyderabad have been some of her roles.

Tuesday May 12, 2020

Diana Abruzzi is the Founder and International Chairman of International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI) – the first Chamber of Commerce for women at the time of its inauguration with a mandate to open the trade routes for women across the globe. A pioneer and leader in the cause of free enterprise and economic development, Diana continues to champion the advancement of women in business, globally.

Sunday May 10, 2020

Nurvita is Indonesian from Yogyakarta. Having studied English Letters at Sanata Dharma University, she is currently lecturing in Linguistics and Literature at Universitas Bangka Belitung in Sumatera Selatan, Indonesia. Nurvita is a World Speech Day Event Organiser who is passionate about women's empowerment and aspires to think bigger, dream bigger and be extraordinary. @wijayavita 

Friday May 08, 2020

Previously employed as a material engineer, consultant and project manager in Shanghai, China, Mengjia is a TEDx licensee & curator, WSD China Ambassador, Guiness World Record adjudicator and member of NOGCSW, passionate about feminism and gender equality (

Friday May 01, 2020

A Syrian entrepreneur and startup enthusiast focusing on women’s empowerment and communities’ prosperity while leading youth initiatives viz. TEDxYouth/Women and ChangeMakers seeking to close the gender gap in STEM (technology) and advance the inclusion of girls in building more developed communities. Key speaker at Geneva Peace Week 2018, attended One Young World - The Hague 2018, Young Sustainable Impact Innovation Impact 2019 cohort, she served for 3.5 years at the UNFPA in Syria.

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